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For all your automotive glass needs in and around Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and south Yorkshire.


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Screensavers Uk Ltd is part of Nationwide windscreen services

Comprehensive glass repair and replacement service. It operates, through its UK network glass repair and replacement Depots, as a national glass service provider to customers who require total national coverage 24/7.


A.D.A.S Calibrations

Driver assistance relies on a number of factors working correctly. When you get a windscreen replaced this can affect the driver assist features, This is why we would recommend a full calibration after your windscreen has been replaced to make sure everything is working correctly.


Advanced Chip Repair

Once your windscreen gets a chip it is important to get it fixed as soon as possible. The longer you leave a chip the more likely it is that it will turn into a crack and need the whole windscreen repaired. 

If you get a chip in your windscreen you can contact us ASAP and we can fix the chip for you without having to replace the whole windscreen.

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Mobile or Branch Service

Also offer mobile service or they can bring to branch with full waiting room and free wi – fi and coffee machine

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same day next day service

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24/7 availability


What my clients say?

The guys are always willing to help at a drop of a hat cheers Scott
Gareth Kilburn
Fast, efficient service for my chip, thank you
Victoria Wilkinson
Top service as always, would highly recommend to any one
Jamie Housham

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